Advanced Drip Coffee Bag Machine

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Quick details:
Model: MD-18II
Working speed: 50 bags/min
Power: 220V, Single phase, 60Hz
Weight: 748KG
Overall dimensions: 1200 * 900 * 2300mm



  • 1, The working efficiency is 25% higher than general model in the market.
  • 2, Stable packing capacity 50 bags per minute
  • 3, SLIDE DOSER, 0 coffee powder residue, No waste, accuracy keeps to the last second bag.
  • 4, Reciprocating type for envelope better appearance.
  • 5, Multifunctional sensor for alarms, no coffee material alarm, no packing films alarm, Inner empty bag alarm, inner bag connect alarm
  • 6, Extra functions avoid the coffee powder stucking: Vibrator, vertical stirring and material sensor.







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